I’m hooked to internet since 8 years and I have been browsing to all mp3 downloading web sites since many years as I’m addicted to listen indi movies songs whether its old new or remix one’s all are suited best when I’m in quickly turning into different moods out of my mind and expressions due to some new things or excitements having at the time.

And, today I’m going to introduce a website named RADIO RELOADED that’s blatantly reloaded with more than 34,049 songs and 413 solo songs albums also 1716 pakistani and Indian pop singers songs in it. I discovered this amazing portal a year ago when I was looking for an old song curiously that I wanted to listen in a haste manner after browsing to all of the websites through google search engine I found this website that was newly launched by Indians and that was really pleasant for me when I found that song by just typing it on radio reloaded search engine.

Further more, I’m going to discuss some different features of this website that compelled me to become a quick fan of it, you all guys might be browsing to different sites on internet for Indian or pakistan mp3 songs and you might have get bothered by the hurriedly appearing add ons and quickly opening pop ups windows that makes one self irony and disturbed but there are no such kind of add ons or pop ups when you open radio reloaded so you can search your desired song in just few seconds.

Secondly, they are licensed with Limited Online Exploitation License (LOEL) that is a joint MCPS and PRS for Music license and covers both performing and mechanical rights, allowing you to reproduce and store music and deliver music to members of the public whether by means of streaming, downloading or pod casting, which other websites hardly have in downloading music due to this license one can download a good quality of music along with real mp3 beats that sounds calm to your ears and mind.

On the other hand it has two categories one on left and one on right, you can see the list of new movies album at the left side along with the most played songs list and most downloaded songs list with counter of listeners titling on each song link. On the right side you can find the results of your search whether it’s a movie song or solo album song you will glare it after hitting the search engine and there you will easily find the list of songs recent played and recently downloaded songs with movie names and listeners counter , isn’t its easy to choose a right song for you then? these both left and right sides has small advertising banners space and you will also find one advertise place after the main banner of website and one on the middle of below the search engine where you can advertise anything or else these will attract and be helpful to you if they suit your hobbies and intrests.

Also, this website has the RSS feed which can keep you updated about the most played most downloaded and new movies albums songs adding up to it there is a community available from google which you can join as a fan of it there are already 2514 people connected to it and you can create an account at radio reloaded  that has a good enough mail storage.

I would prefer all people to must visit this site if you are indi music lover I hope you won’t get disappointed as the radio reloaded team has been working hard to get every and each song for their members and users.

http:// www.radioreloaded.com


Anny Laghari